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The Midlife

Kimberly Samson & Tracy Feldstein

Hosts Kimberly Samson and Tracy Feldstein bring you a no-holds-barred view of life from the middle. No topic is off limits. Bored by the sudden saturation of midlife “transformations” (yes, this intense questioning sometime in your 40’s and 50’s seems to be a universal experience) Tracy and Kimberly don’t think the answer is sanitized instagram feeds and talking endlessly about gray hair, menopause, ageism, and “go get ‘em, Honey, you’re not too old”. Kimberly and Tracy bring you something deeper. Still inspirational, for sure. But also raw and honest and funny. Part instructional/part entertainment, Tracy and Kimberly are wives, mothers, entrepreneurs and friends talking about everything you're thinking about and wondering if anyone else is too. What they've got figured out, they clue you in, what they're still struggling with, they openly share and work through. If they can smooth the journey for you too, they've done the job they set out to do.